4 Reasons To Read Contemporary Poetry

Some people consider poetry to be literature in its purest form. Poetry is freed from the constraints of genre and narratives. Poems are carefully crafted arrangements of words that can speak of life's great questions as easily as its smallest moments. Many people are familiar with the great classic poets, but fewer people read the works of contemporary poets. Contemporary poets have a lot to offer. Here are four reasons to pick up a contemporary poetry collection for your home library:

1. Learn to see the beauty in life's small moments.

Life is full of ups and downs, but the happiest people in life tend to be those who can see the beauty in ordinary things. There is beauty to be found all around you, from your front yard to the smile on a loved one's face. Poetry has a great tradition of celebrating the beauty and calling attention to mundane things. A contemporary book of poems can help you see your life in a more poetic way. Reading poetry can make you more mindful, so you can live a more grateful, intentional, and happy life.

2. Improve your vocabulary.

Poetry can help readers improve their vocabularies. Many people hear the same words, day in and day out, which doesn't leave much room for growth. Poets take risks with language, using beautiful words that you may not hear in everyday vernacular. Regularly reading contemporary poetry can help you come across unfamiliar words. When you look up these words, you'll be able to learn how to use them in conversation and in your own writing.

3. Support modern writers.

You can support modern writers by purchasing a contemporary poem collection. Poetry is a difficult genre for writers to succeed in. If you enjoy reading poetry, you can encourage writers to create more of it by supporting living poets. Modern writers receive royalties from book sales, which means that you're directly contributing to a poet's livelihood any time you purchase a book of poetry.

4. Learn the language of love.

When you love someone, it's only natural to want to tell them so. A simple "I love you" can let someone know how you feel, but sometimes three words don't feel like enough. Love poems are a great way to express yourself to your loved one when you don't have the words to say. Reading contemporary love poems aloud is a great way to show your sweetheart that you care.